The Effects of Child Tax Credit on Maternal Labor Supply(Job Market Paper)

Child Tax Credit (CTC) gives partially refundable tax credit to filers who have children younger than 17 years old and who owe tax, thus providing direct work incentives for individuals. In this paper, I examine the effects of CTC on maternal labor supply by non-parametric and parametric difference-in-difference design. I show that $1000 increase in average CTC are associated with 1.1 percentage points increase in labor participation rate and 0.37 hour increase in weekly working hours for single mothers. This labor supply effect is driven by mothers whose youngest child is between 3 and 5 years old.

Impacts of New Jersey Paid Family Leave on On-time Childhood Immunization (Draft)

Effective childhood immunization demands more than 25 doses and a strict administration schedule. However, working parents who face time constraints and whose schedules are often inflexible may delay several doses, thus putting their children in danger. I examine the effect of New Jersey Paid Family Leave (NJ-PFL) on on-time childhood vaccine uptake by using variations in state-level PFL policy. My difference-in-difference estimates show that NJ-PFL increases the index of prompt receipt of four-month recommended doses by 0.08 standard deviations. The policy also decreases the probability of violating the immunization schedule for first-two doses by 3.81 percentage points.

Effects of Child Tax Credit on Child Health (with David Simon)

Health of children requires financial and parental time investments. The expansions of refundable Child Tax Credit (CTC) not only increase family income but also incentive mothers to work more, changing their income and time budget. In this paper, I examine the effects of CTC on children's physical and mental health outcomes.


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